How Does Pola Bleaching Work?

Fotolia_56438453_Subscription_Monthly_M4Pola bleaching is a professional teeth whitening system that offers superior results compared to over-the-counter whitening products. In just a single session, patients who visit our cosmetic dentist in Houston can have most types of stains reduced or eliminated from the surfaces of their teeth with this treatment.

The gel that forms the base of the Pola bleaching system contains hydrogen peroxide, a natural whitening agent. Our dentist applies this gel to the teeth after guarding the gums and other soft tissues with a barrier. The gel then goes to work, turning stained areas white as oxygen reacts with the formula. Patients can simply relax during the procedure and watch television or read. The procedure, which lasts for approximately one hour, may leave some patients with temporary teeth sensitivity, but this is unlikely to remain for longer than a few days. For patients whose habits cause continual dental staining, Pola bleaching may be beneficial on a regular basis.

Store-bought whitening kits, which can take weeks or months to work, will not produce results that are as dramatic or long-lasting as what can be achieved with Pola bleaching. Patients can learn more about this treatment at a consultation with our expert in Pola bleaching in Houston.