How CAD/CAM Technology Works

Woman at the dentistryCAD/CAM technology stands for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. In dentistry, we use CAD/CAM to design and create your restorations in a single appointment. You can enjoy all the benefits of beautifully crafted inlays, onlays, and dental crowns without the inconvenience and lengthy waits typically needed for conventional crowns and similar restorations.

Porcelain CAD/CAM restorations are similar to conventionally made restorations, but they do not require dental impressions. Instead, our dentist uses a handheld tool to take a digital 3D image of the tooth. We use this image with our CAD/CAM equipment to design your new restoration to fit precise specifications so that blends beautifully with the rest of your smile in structure and color. There is no need for a temporary restoration or multiple shots. Your restoration will be designed and c reated while you wait by our custom milling unit so that it can be bonded to your prepared tooth before you leave.

This revolutionary technology makes it easier than ever to restore badly damaged or decayed teeth. Call our office today to learn more about CAD/CAM one-visit dentistry or to schedule a consultation with our San Francisco dentist.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implantPatients who have had a tooth extracted or knocked-out have a few options available regarding replacement. Many patients choose dentures or dental bridges, which each have their benefits and may be best for the patient. Dental implants, however, are recommended most often for patients with otherwise good dental and oral health.

Dental implants offer many benefits to patients. They are beneficial in large part due to the fact that they become ingrained in the jaw. Our Orange County dentist inserts a post made of titanium into the jaw bone. This material is able to fuse with the bone tissue without causing infection or complications. This means the implant is much more stable than other tooth replacement options. This gives the patient the benefits of both stability and comfort.

Another very important benefit of dental implants regards the negative effects that occur during tooth loss. These negative effects include the movement of the adjacent teeth, which can necessitate orthodontic work, and jaw bone loss, which can affect facial structure. Dental implants not only stop these issues from occurring, but reverse them, as well.

For more information about the dental implant benefits, talk to our dental implant dentist in Orange County today.

Different Denture Types

Dentures are one of the three appliances used to replace teeth that have been knocked-out or needed to be extracted. They are made of artificial teeth and gums that replace the natural ones in both look and functionality. Most types use suction and clasps in order to remain in place, while others utilize implants for added stability. Here is some vital information about a few different types of dentures.

Full Dentures

If a patient has lost most of their teeth, and the other ones remaining are not of perfect health, full dentures will likely be used. Our dentist in Agoura Hills will extract the remaining teeth, work with the patient to recreate a new smile, and place dentures for both top and bottom arches.

Partial Dentures

These can be used to replace a few missing teeth in a row. They can also be designed to accommodate for healthy existing teeth breaking up a gap.

All-On-Four Dentures

One of the most common complaints about dentures is that they tend to slip and fall out. All-On-Four dentures eliminate this problem by utilizing four dental implants to support full dentures. This is typically a larger process, as the implants take some time to heal, but the benefits are worth it.

Dental Implants and Tooth Loss

Dental implant

While it may seem that losing a tooth just creates a hole in your smile, there are actually several negative repercussions. Dental implants can both prevent and reverse these effects.

Effects of tooth loss

If even just one of your teeth is knocked-out or extracted, a process begins right away. A short time after, your adjacent teeth will begin to tilt and move into the now empty space, followed by the others in the arch. This will cause mild to very serious orthodontic issues. Furthermore, the jaw bone beneath this missing tooth is no longer being stimulated. This can lead to diminishing bone tissue, which can actually affect your facial structure.

It is in your best interest to replace a tooth as soon as possible after it is removed. The best option for replacement is a dental implant. These are comprised of titanium posts, attached abutments, and a crown to top it off. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone, and fully take the place of your missing tooth. This not only prevents orthodontic issues, but facial restructuring, as well. Like our normal teeth, implants fuse with the bone, and are therefore able to stimulate the tissue.

If you have a hole in your smile, our Beverly Hills dental implant expert will likely recommend this restoration to prevent or reverse the effects of tooth loss.

Types of Dentures and Their Uses

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Dentures are one type of teeth replacement, used when several teeth have been knocked-out or extracted. While dental bridges and implants are not removable, some dentures are placed in such a way that they can be taken off. Depending on how many teeth you have lost, you may need full or partial dentures.

Full dentures

When you lose all or most of your teeth, many unhealthy changes can occur. The jaw bone is no longer stimulated, which means it will begin to diminish, and the facial muscles will begin to sag. It becomes difficult to eat hard, solid foods, so your health may decline due to poor nutrition. This can also lead to weight gain. Full dentures can help fill out the face, and make it much easier to speak and eat. Not to mention, they will give you the appearance of a complete and healthy smile.

Partial dentures

If even just one healthy tooth remains in an arch, our dentist in SFV might choose to provide you with partial dentures. These are made specifically to fit around any remaining teeth in order to keep your smile as healthy and natural as possible.

Talk to our expert in the San Fernando Valley to learn more about full and partial dentures.

What are Same Day Crowns?

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Crowns are possibly the most commonly used restoration in dentistry. They are made to specifically look like your tooth that they are being placed over, and cover from the gum line to the top of the cusp. They not only make the tooth look great again, but fortify and protect it from further damage.

In the past, molds and images of an affected tooth would need to be sent out to a lab, where your crown would be made. This would take at least a week, necessitating more than one appointment, resulting in time away from work, school, or social activities. In the meantime, you would have to wear a temporary crown, which is much less stable and can be uncomfortable at times.

Why wait to get something as simple as a dental crown? Our dentists in Orange County are proud to now offer their patients same day crowns. These restorations are made right in our office and can be placed in just one appointment.

Same day crowns are made using new milling technology. Just as before, impressions and pictures are taken of the affected tooth. This information is then sent to our CAD/CAM machine, which can create your restoration from the material chosen in less than an hour. Our same day crowns dentist in Orange County can then place it on the tooth, allowing you to return back to your normal schedule right away.

Teeth Whitening with Dental Implants


Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic treatment that can lighten stains and give you a more youthful-looking smile. It typically uses peroxide, which enters the natural tooth structure to break up the stains deep inside the dentin and enamel of the tooth. This leaves the tooth itself unchanged but eliminates the stains and discolorations for a whiter, brighter smile.

Dental implants do not affect your candidacy for teeth whitening. The implant is beneath the surface of your gums and replaces the root of the lost tooth. Once they integrate with the jawbone, they are typically restored with crowns, bridges, or dentures. If your teeth are particularly stained, you might want to replace the crowns, as well, since these are typically made to match your natural teeth. Otherwise, you might end up with a multi-colored smile. Replacing the crowns ensures that you will have a beautifully even, matching smile.

Keeping your smile white only requires good dental hygiene and periodic whitening touch-ups. You might also need to avoid certain staining habits, such as tobacco use or excessive wine intake. Contact our office today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our teeth whitening doctor in Los Angeles.