Is Invisalign Express an Option for Me?

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Many of our patients receive Invisalign treatments. This orthodontic alternative to wire braces is popular for many reasons especially for being discreet, removable, and faster than traditional metal braces.

Recently we there is a rise in inquiries about Invisalign Express. This type of Invisalign is gaining in popularity because it only takes about half the time regular Invisalign takes to give you a beautiful smile. Most Invisalign Express patients complete their treatment in six months or less. The Invisalign Express system works just like traditional Invisalign works. Patients using the Express system have the same success that our regular Invisalign Full patients enjoy. Because of the positive buzz, many of our patients want to know if the Express option could work for them.

While it is true that not everyone is a good candidate for Invisalign Express, our orthodontist sees many patients who are pleased with their Express treatments. For patients who experience only minor alignment problems, spending a year or more in braces is pointless. If you have minimal issues with crowding and spacing or if your dental misalignment is slight, you could be able to get the results that you want with Invisalign Express. Here are a few specific criteria that our orthodontist uses to see if Invisalign Express may be the right treatment for you:

• 1.5 mm or less of expansion required per arch
• 2 mm or less of crowding or spacing per arch
• 2 mm or less of midline correction needed
• Nominal rotation of the front teeth

Our patients find that Invisalign Express mirrors the full Invisalign system in several ways. The clear plastic alignment trays fit and work the same as regular Invisalign. Just as with Invisalign Full, you must wear your aligners 20-22 hours a day. Our office would like you to schedule regular progress checks and get new aligners on schedule, and we suggest that you ascribe to the same high level of oral hygiene as our patients with Invisalign Full. This means brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing once or more every day. Additionally, you must clean and care for your aligner trays as directed to get optimal results.

If you think that Invisalign Express is the right treatment for you, stop by our office to learn more.


Are there Adult Braces?

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Many who come into our office think that braces are only intended for younger patients. This is actually not true – braces can be beneficial for patients of any age. Adults who have orthodontic issues often have their choice between a few different appliance options.

Braces are made of metal brackets that are bonded to the teeth, and a thick wire that is run through them. You might require a bracket on each tooth in both arches, or only on a few in the front. Our Rocklin orthodontists will see you once every few weeks to cut and tighten your wires. This is to apply pressure on the teeth and pull them into place. This can correct crooked teeth, spacing issues, and bite misalignments.

You might be able to select a variation of traditional braces that are less noticeable. For example, you may be a candidate for ceramic braces, which match the teeth, or lingual braces, which are placed on the back surfaces.

Do not let your age determine the look or health of your smile. Everyone deserves a smile they can be proud of, and treatment with braces is not specific to age. Learn more about adult braces at a consultation appointment at our office today.

Invisalign Teen Vs. Braces

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The early teenage years are the best time for orthodontic treatment. This is because all of the permanent teeth are now completely grown in, but the jaw is not fully developed, and is therefore still easy to manipulate. Teens today often have two options available to them to straighten the teeth and correct the bite – braces and Invisalign Teen. As the latter offers many benefits, most choose it over braces.


Invisalign Teen vs. braces

Invisalign Teen offers all of the advantages that Full treatment does. The aligners are invisible, removable, and comfortable. These features make it easier for patients to eat, clean the teeth, and live their everyday life as normal. This is very different than braces, which are highly noticeable, not removable, and can irritate the soft tissues in the mouth.

On top of all of these benefits, Teen treatment offers advantages specifically designed for younger patients. The aligners come with blue indicator dots, which disappear with use. This informs the patients, patient’s parents, and our expert in orthodontics in Rocklin whether they are being worn enough each day. They are also equipped with expanders, to accommodate growing jaws and developing wisdom teeth. Furthermore, Invisalign offers up to six replacement aligners in case any go missing or become damaged. All of these features are not available with braces.

Facts About Invisalign

Invisalign is a relatively new orthodontic appliance that many patients are opting for today. If you are considering getting Invisalign to straighten your teeth and correct your bite, it might be helpful to know as much as you can about the appliance beforehand. The following are some important and interesting facts about Invisalign.

• More than 1.3 million people have benefitted from Invisalign so far, ninety-six percent of which reported satisfaction after treatment.
• Not only can it straighten the teeth and correct misaligned bites, but also keep the gums healthy, make cleaning easier, decrease the risk of enamel wear, and even result in weight loss.
• At a consultation appointment, patients can watch a virtual simulation of the projected progression of their smile. This provides a helpful look at the process and result goals.
• Invisalign patients can enjoy fewer visits to our Rocklin dentist, as they can switch to their next set of aligners on their own after every two weeks. Check-up appointments are needed only every four to six weeks.
• Aligners can be removed by the patient as needed in order to eat, drink liquids other than water, and brush.
• Patients interested in Invisalign can schedule a consultation appointment to learn more.

To learn more, contact our office.

Things to Not Do During Invisalign Treatment

Junge Frau setzt lächelnd Zahnspange in den MundIt’s exciting to be on the path to straighter teeth and a healthier smile. Invisalign is a great way to do this, as it offers several benefits during treatment, such as removability and comfort. To ensure that your treatment goes smoothly and that your teeth remain healthy, there are some habits and activities that you should avoid.

Our dentist in Rocklin encourages all patients to quit smoking during treatment with Invisalign. In fact, they may even exclude it as an option if you are a smoker. This is because the heat and ingredients in cigarettes can damage the aligners, causing them to warp and become weak. If your dentist approves, Invisalign might be a great reason and motivator to stop smoking, leading to an overall healthier life.

Patients should also be sure to keep a good eye on their aligners. If they are lost or damaged, it could take some time to get a replacement. This can elongate treatment time considerably, as not only will the teeth not be exposed to pressure from the aligner, but can also begin to revert back to their old places during this time. To avoid this issue, be sure to place your aligners in a holder when taking them off to eat so they are not misplaced or broken.

Dental Health and Orthodontics

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Many are aware of the basic point of orthodontics – to straighten the teeth. But many are also unaware of everything that orthodontic treatment can do for our teeth, mouth, and overall health.

When teeth are crooked, they can overlap and cover each other. This can make it difficult to clean each tooth properly. Spots of certain teeth can be missed because areas are hard to reach with a toothbrush. This will lead to a buildup of decay, which will result in cavities and possibly even periodontal disease. Straightening the teeth with braces or other appliances will eliminate this issue.

Certain orthodontic problems can also affect the jaw and facial structure. If you suffer from a prolonged bite complication, more pressure can be put on one side of the mouth. This can cause issues such as TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disease, wherein one or both of the jaw joints become inflamed or shifted. TMJ can cause pain in the jaw, face, and surrounding areas, as well as lock jaw, tinnitus, and other issues.

Our Rocklin dentist will recommend orthodontic treatment to eliminate any risk of these and similar problems. They can work with you to determine the best appliance and treatment plan for you.

Orthodontic Treatment for Kids

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Children should receive their first orthodontic assessment by the time they turn seven. If bite irregularities are present, prompt treatment can provide added benefits above what is possible later. Here is more about the use and benefits of kids braces.

Why Choose Early Orthodontic Treatment?

The bones and teeth of children are in early development, which involves fast growth and can be modified with orthodontics. By taking this approach, our dentist can promote the proper maturation of the teeth and jaws rather than correcting problems that might otherwise emerge later. Some children need only one early course of treatment while others may benefit from a second treatment in adolescence.

What Benefits Result from Early Orthodontics?

Kids get all the standard benefits of braces, including a better-looking smile and lower risks of tooth decay and gum disease. However, kids also will be more likely to have healthy permanent teeth and a strong facial profile and less likely to experience overcrowding.

Orthodontic treatment performed during childhood is also frequently faster than when it is performed later. In most cases, kids finish treatment in just 12 to 18 months. Parents can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to find out if their kids need braces.