The Process for Getting Same Day Inlays and Onlays

Two women hugging and smilingSame day inlays and onlays are the fast, easy way to get your badly damaged teeth restored. Unlike other major restorations, these inlays and onlays can be made and placed in just one dental visit. We can eliminate the wait and second visit and reduce your chair time by using same-day dental restorations.

The process is simple, and it begins much like any the process for other restoration. Our dentist will evaluate the broken or decayed tooth to ensure an inlay or onlay is the right choice. Next, he will prepare the tooth, which includes numbing it, removing any decayed tissue and reshaping it. Next, an impression will be made.

Unlike the typical impression, which uses a sticky compound that solidifies as it is in your mouth, we will use a digital impression. Our dentist uses a small, handheld wand to take a picture of the tooth, and the 3D image of your tooth and surrounding tissues are sent to the computer. We will use a special program to design your new inlay or onlay. This design is sent to the on-site milling unit to create your restoration. In the final step, we will bond the restoration to your tooth, providing you with a natural-feeling, beautiful-looking tooth.

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Same Day Dentistry and Its Benefits

For many years, certain restorations took days or weeks to complete. Now, eligible patients can get veneers, crowns, inlays, and onlays in just one visit thanks to computer-controlled manufacturing on site. Many patients will appreciate the advantages of this option.

Results Are Fast

With same-day dentistry, patients have their teeth examined by our dentist in San Francisco and receive their restorations during a single appointment. Instead of waiting at home while the restoration is made at a lab, patients can wait less than an hour at our office.

Convenience Is Impressive

Compared to conventional options, same-day restorations are far more convenient. Because only one visit is required, there is no need to alter schedules and drive back and forth to our office repeatedly. Furthermore, the need for temporary restorations is eliminated.

Precision Is Amazing

The design and production of these restorations is done by computer, so the precision is phenomenal. Not only can this result in better-looking restorations, but it can also help ensure absolute comfort.

When eligibility is confirmed by our expert in same day dentistry in San Francisco, patients may prefer same-day restorations over conventional options. Patients can schedule a consultation to find out if they can receive these treatments.