When is a Smile Makeover a Good Choice?

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When most patients are first introduced to the concept of a smile makeover, it can seem like a very complexly orchestrated event. Some may question whether or not their cosmetic issues are severe enough to warrant all of the fuss and hassle, but for those interested in solving all of their dental concerns at once, it may be the best option.

A smile makeover is defined as being a multi-step set of procedures designed by your dentist to solve every imperfection you struggle with at once. Whether your concerns are functional or purely ornamental, there is a path forward for you – at your initial consultation you will be x-rayed, scanned, and thoroughly evaluated. After having a conversation about the state of your teeth as they exist currently, a course of action will be will be planned and treatment can begin. Any individual suffering with multiple dissatisfactions can qualify; it’s simply a matter of what needs to be done that differentiates individual cases.

A smile makeover can be used to resolve literally any issue concerning the appearance or health of the teeth. For patients whose teeth have garnered noticeable discoloration, a bleaching regimen can be recommended. Those who have been involved in an accident will be able to find restoration of any broken, chipped, cracked, or completely missing teeth in a smile makeover, whether only one tooth is affected or the entire set. Old, damaged, or failing dental fixtures of the past may be repaired or replace over the course of a smile makeover, including any fillings, crowns, veneers, or implants already existing in the mouth. Misshapen or otherwise eroded teeth can also be altered through these means.

There are certain factors that may deter a patient from seeking a smile makeover, the two most commonly cited ones being the money and time commitment; as there can be many discrete steps involved in the process overall, participating in a smile makeover will require many in-office appointments, both before treatment, during, and after, to make any adjustments necessary and keep tabs on any potential issues that may arise down the road.

If any doubt remains, just take a look at any of the smile makeover before and after pictures from our office – if you’re interested in becoming our next success story, give us a call and stop by for a consultation.


How Expensive is a Smile Makeover?


Smile makeovers incorporate various genres of dentistry, from cosmetics to restoratives. Exhaustive comparisons are made in consultation with your West Hollywood dentist and any specialists brought in on referral. Ultimately, the choice is yours—you have a dream smile that can be achieved. But patience and expense are always factors on the table. Questions about cost should always be at the top of your list, as staying within your means is important for any dental procedure.

First, your smile makeover team begins by assessing things like skin color, facial symmetry, and dental pathology. Your smile line and teeth proportions are also important, especially if what you desire involves major alteration. If you have amalgam fillings, you may start by replacing them with tooth-colored composites. If you want porcelain veneers to hide breakage or staining, your dentist or dentists can customize them for a more masculine or feminine appearance.

Achieving your smile makeover is easier to do if you have good dental insurance. If you’re not insured, you can always ask your dentist about patient financing. Smile makeover is a process that can be difficult to accurately price, since the range of dentistry is so broad. However, maintaining reasonable expectations is the best way to make sure you receive worthwhile treatment.

For more about smile makeover in West Hollywood, contact our dentist.

What You Need to Know about Smile Makeovers

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Three-quarters of polled Americans believe a below-average smile can damage a person’s career opportunities. If you believe your smile is below-average, you may consider a smile makeover your best chance to meet more people and make more money. The following are some treatments our expert in smile makeover in Northridge recommends to start your smile on the road to recovery. You may use any one, or a combination, to get the results you want.

Teeth Whitening

You can whiten your teeth at home or in the office, using chairside services like Zoom whitening, or take-home products from a retail space. The difference between these two options is speed and strength, as over-the-counter products do not offer immediate results or the high bleach component of chairside whitening.

Dental Bonding

Using composite resin, the dentist fills in chips or cracks in teeth that need a tune-up. Shorter teeth can even be elongated using this process.

Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, those spaces can be both unsightly and unhealthy. Every tooth is essential, and every tooth is missed. Implants replace missing teeth from the root up, restoring full tooth function with titanium and porcelain.

If you’re interested in smile makeover opportunities, contact your Northridge cosmetic dentist.

What Can Dental Bonding Fix?

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A bright smile can open doors and warm relationships. Smiling can make you look and feel younger and more attractive, and it can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress, boost endorphins and make you feel more positive. If you do not like the way your smile looks, you are unlikely to smile as often as you would otherwise. Our smile makeover dentist can help. We offer cosmetic treatments that can improve your smile.

One popular option is bonding. Bonding is a procedure that uses composite resin to make small changes in the appearance of one or more teeth. You might be a candidate for cosmetic bonding if your teeth are healthy with sufficient enamel to support the bonding and if you have minor cosmetic flaws.

Common issues that can be corrected by dental bonding include:

  • Small cavities
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • Discolored or stained teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Short or narrow teeth
  • Worn enamel
  • Enamel irregularities
  • Irregularly shaped teeth

The procedure is performed in our office and generally is completed in a single appointment. There is typically no need for anesthesia, and preparation is minimal. With good care, a bonded tooth can last for years. Call our office today to find out more about how dental bonding can transform your smile or to schedule your appointment with our team.

Smile Makeover with Dental Veneers

Cute smileIs there something about your smile that makes you feel less confident? Your smile is often the first thing others notice about you, but chips, worn enamel, stains, and other cosmetic flaws can detract from your smile and your overall appearance. A smile makeover with dental veneers can fix your smile and make you feel more confident.

A dental veneer is a thin piece of porcelain that fits over just the front of the tooth. Unlike crowns, which require extensive preparation, veneers require that only a small amount of enamel is removed, making them a conservative option for a smile makeover.

Porcelain veneers can be used in conjunction with teeth whitening and other treatments, or they can be used on their own to address many smile flaws, including:

• Crooked and misaligned teeth
• Stained or discolored teeth
• Broken, cracked, or chipped teeth
• Uneven or misshapen teeth
• Gaps between teeth

We can usually place dental veneers in just two to three appointments, and they can last fifteen years or more. If you are not happy with your smile, a smile makeover with dental veneers might be just the solution you need. Call our office today to learn more about what veneers can do for you, or to schedule your consultation with our dentist.

When is Getting a Smile Makeover the Right Option?

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If you are unhappy with the way that your teeth appear, it can affect your day-to-day interactions with others. Missing teeth, stains, chips, and gaps can really affect your self-esteem. When the appearance of your teeth affects your willingness to smile, you may want to think about a smile makeover.

While a smile makeover may include filling cavities and repairing damaged teeth, the focus is generally more on the appearance of your teeth. There are many cosmetic dental procedures that are available to help with just about any problem you may have with your teeth. Just take a look at some smile makeover before and after photos to see how much of a change can be made with the right treatment options.

If you need some work done to make your smile more attractive, a smile makeover could be the right choice. Your cosmetic dental care provider can work to reshape your teeth, fix any cracks or chips, remove stains, whiten teeth, straighten misaligned teeth, and reduce gaps. Missing teeth can be replaced with removable or more permanent fixtures. Whatever issues you may have, your dentist can make the changes necessary.

Por qué obtener una sonrisa Makeover

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No es necesariamente una gran parte de ti, pero tu boca puede desarrollar muchos problemas. Entre los dientes, la lengua, las encías, el hueso de la mandíbula y todos los tejidos circundantes, mucho puede verse afectado por el daño y la mala higiene. Cuando los pacientes vienen a ver a nuestro dentista cosmético de Los Ángeles con muchos problemas que necesitan ser abordados, a menudo recomendamos un cambio de imagen de sonrisa.

Una sonrisa consiste en corregir varios problemas dentales y orales en un corto período de tiempo. Estos problemas pueden incluir:

• Dientes manchados
• Papas fritas
• Brechas
• Enfermedad leve de las encías (gingivitis) o severa (periodontitis)
• Dientes torcidos
• Dientes sin forma
• Cavidades
• Infecciones dentales
• Y más

Estos problemas se pueden resolver con combinaciones de blanqueamiento de dientes, trabajo de ortodoncia, unión dental, canales radiculares y otros tratamientos y procedimientos. Algunos de estos pueden ser abordados dentro de la misma cita, mientras que otros deben ser atendidos antes que otros. Por ejemplo, la periodontitis debe ser revertida antes de comenzar la mayoría de los otros tratamientos.

Este proceso comenzará con una cita de consulta, durante la cual nuestro experto examinará su sonrisa y construirá un plan de tratamiento específico para usted y sus necesidades. Tendrá que regresar a su oficina para ciertos procedimientos, o informar a otro experto, como un ortodoncista, para hacer frente a los dientes torcidos, abiertos y solapados.

No vayas más con una sonrisa que no estás contento con. Programar una cita de consulta de reforma de sonrisa hoy.