Can I Afford Getting Snap On Smile?

Beautiful surprised woman isolated on whiteCompared to more invasive procedures like implants or veneers, Snap On Smile is an affordable way to improve your smile immediately. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover it, your out-of-pocket expense is minimal given the speed and thoroughness of the product.

Snap On Smile is a removable device worn over the teeth. If your teeth are gapped or spaced, or have breaks or chips, Snap On Smile protects them from view. The best part is, you only have to wear it when you’re being social. In fact, you shouldtake it out for meals (at least if you want it to stay clean and not deteriorate) and before sleeping.

Snap On Smile price depends on where you live and the provider you choose. A lot may also depend on the cut and nature of your device, which is custom-fit. The style of your teeth, and whether or not both arches need coverage, will affect your final quote.

It’s important that you keep your Snap On Smile clean, so ask your provider about cleaning products. There should be both an antibacterial gel and a cleaning solution available for a nominal fee.

For more help budgeting Snap On Smile, contact our Snap On Smile dentist in LA.

Is Snap On Smile Expensive?

Like other restorations, Snap On Smile is priced per arch—upper and lower. Your dollar figure will have regional and other considerations, such as the kind of lab materials your provider uses. Snap On Smile is an exciting product with plenty of benefit. But its relative newness means the price of Snap On Smile is still flexible.

Keep in mind that as a prosthetic with purely cosmetic intentions, Snap On Smile does not actually fix any dental or orthodontic problems you may have. It is worn as camouflage for these effects. However, this means Snap On Smile is on the more affordable end of cosmetic dentistry.

Your provider can cover the cost of Snap On Smile at your initial consult, at which time you and the doctor decide together if Snap On Smile is the right choice for you. Snap On Smile can be tremendously helpful in cases of social anxiety due to an extremely flawed smile. If your teeth are severely rotated or “snaggled”, or you have broken, worn-down, or missing teeth, Snap On Smile fits over them in a manner similar to dentures. As long as you’re comfortable removing your device for regular cleanings and during meals, Snap On Smile is an excellent and affordable option in smile makeover.

Ask your Los Angeles Snap On Smile dentist about financing and payment plans.

When is Snap-On Smile a Good Option?

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When you are ready to find a way to get a great-looking smile, there are many dental procedures that can be used to make your teeth whiter, straighter, and more even. These procedures can take some time, require making changes to your teeth, or may cost quite a bit of money in the long run. While these results can often be permanent, there may be times that you are looking for a temporary or less-invasive option.

Snap On smile is a dental appliance that covers your teeth in the same way as veneers. These removable appliances do not require any changes to your natural teeth, so they can be inserted and removed as desired.

This is a good option if you would like to see how your teeth could look with veneers before committing to the expense and tooth changes necessary. These Snap On teeth can also be used to cover your teeth between various procedures during a smile makeover. If you do not have enough money to cover a makeover, this Snap On option is a less-expensive way to have a better smile. Talk to your Los Angeles cosmetic dentist to see if you are a good candidate.

Does Snap On Smile Work for a Single Tooth?

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Snap On Smile is intended for the budget-conscious, those with dental phobias, and anyone else at a disadvantage in the dentist chair. Together with your Los Angeles Snap On Smile doctor, you choose the perfect prosthetic for you based on twenty-three color shades and eighteen smile designs.

Wear your Snap On Smile device over your crooked, discolored, or missing teeth. The device can be made as thin as .5mm and still hold up to bite forces. Best of all, you can wear it anytime you want.

Snap On Smile is a prosthetic, not a pontic. Pontics are replacement teeth used to fill gaps when a dental bridge is installed. But not everyone qualifies for bridges or their more advanced, expensive counterpart, implants. If you have missing teeth, Snap On Smile provides excellent coverage. Those gaps that need orthodontic care do not have to impact your smile or self-esteem.

Many patients choose Snap On Smile just for their upper arch, so they can smile with confidence. However, you can get devices for both upper and lower arches. The dentist uses impressions and bite registrations to ensure the correct fit, whether you have one missing tooth or several.

Who Can Get Snap On Smile?

Three young people smilingMany patients come into our offices who haven’t had their teeth treated in a very long time, which has resulted in multiple flaws in their smile. At this time, patients have a few different options. They can opt for a full mouth reconstruction, which involves separate treatments and procedures to fix each issue either at the same time or in quick succession. Alternatively, they can choose to focus on only the one or two most noticeable flaws, in order to reduce treatment time and expenses. Many patients, however, love the simplicity and flexibility of the Snap On Smile.

Snap On Smile works exactly how its name suggests. They are made with a strong, high-tech dental resin, formed in the shape of the outsides of the teeth. They snap on to the teeth and essentially cover them, masking any unsightly cosmetic flaws.

Snap On Smile candidates include those with:
• Gaps
• Crooked teeth
• Dental stains
• Missing teeth
• The inability to get dental bridges or implants
• An old restoration that needs to be removed
• The desire for a Hollywood-worthy smile

Our Snap On Smile dentist can perform an examination and inform you if you are qualified for the appliance.

Who Can Use Snap On Smile?

Autumn womanSnap-On Smile is a breakthrough dental appliance that can be used by countless individuals around the world to give them the smile they want and the confidence they deserve. Luckily, the vast majority of all people make excellent Snap-On Smile candidates. This includes people with gaps between teeth, people with teeth of uneven lengths, people with severe discoloration in their smile, and even people missing numerous teeth.

While our Los Angeles Snap-On Smile expert is able to say “Yes” to the vast majority of candidacy inquiries from patients, there are a few instances where they will not work.

Patients with gum disease are ineligible. However, after treating the condition thoroughly and eliminating the disease, these patients are suddenly eligible. As a result, if you want Snap-On Smile for a special event in the near future, begin treatment immediately if you are concerned about gum disease.

Other patients not eligible for this product are those with no natural teeth. A minimum of four teeth are needed to receive this treatment, as these form the support structure. Snap-On Smile makes a good alternative to partial dentures, not full dentures.

Lastly, patients whose front teeth protrude do not make good candidates, unfortunately. Once this issues is addressed, however, candidacy then becomes an option.

How Much Does Snap On Smile Usually Cost?

The first question most people have about cosmetic dentistry is in regards to how much it will cost. Snap-On Smile is no different, and the answer is the same as with any of the other forms. In fact, Snap-On Smile varies in price per individual and how much coverage is needed. Thus, you will need to ask your Snap On Smile dentist in Los Angeles about your financial obligations.

Fees in cosmetic dentistry will differ from procedure to procedure and from case to case. Therefore, your doctor will need to examine you in-office before delivering a quote. Furthermore, there may be additional fees involved with your Snap-On Smile, as there may be special cleaning products your doctor will recommend for you. Snap-On Smile is a prosthetic that can be worn while eating, but there are hygiene practices you should follow to ensure a quality experience.

In some cases, the dentist may make special arrangements for you, such as crafting a quadrant Snap-On Smile instead of a full arch. There may also be financing available, as well as payment plans. Most dental offices have a set of accommodations they are willing to grant you.

For more information about the cost for Snap On Smile, schedule an appointment with our team.