Teeth Whitening Secrets

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White smiles are virtually everywhere these days, and getting one yourself might be easier than you’ve imagined. Our Beverly Hills tooth whitening expert can let you in on all of our little teeth whitening secrets.

1. Start with a clean smile.
Plaque and tartar buildup can keep the whitening solution from penetrating thoroughly into the tooth’s structure. Schedule a professional cleaning first to remove this buildup. During a cleaning, superficial stains can also be polished away, so your teeth will be ready to whiten.

2. Use the most appropriate whitening products.
Not all whitening products are appropriate for all types of stains or smiles. Our team can help you find the best systems for your needs whether you have sensitive teeth, badly stained teeth, or teeth that just need a little brightening.

3. Maintain your results.
Whitening your teeth can give your smile a big boost, but you do need to do your part to keep your smile looking good. Good dental hygiene is a big part of that, but you might also need to reign in your coffee or soda habit. Use straws to reduce contact with your teeth, and rinse with water after drinking. Touch-up whitening may be needed periodically.

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