When a Tooth Extraction is Necessary


Our teeth are meant to last us our whole lives, but sometimes issues occur that requires the removal of a tooth. Our Houston dentists will always recommend keeping your tooth and restoring it over any other option, but if it is unhealthy beyond proper and/or full repair, it is better if it is extracted.

Tooth extraction is necessary if a tooth has suffered physical damage that has affected its inner layer, where the pulp (nerves, tissue, and blood vessels) resides. It is also necessary if it has become infected and a root canal treatment has not been successful. Furthermore, a tooth can suffer so much decay that it is no longer strong enough, on its own or with a restoration.

Dental extraction is a fairly simple process. Our expert in tooth extraction in Houston will use a tool to clamp the tooth, and move it from slide to side. This loosens it from its ligaments gradually until it can be removed. Teeth that are difficult to extract may need to come out in pieces. Several restorations may be available to replace the tooth, including partial dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.

If you have a tooth that is not healthy enough to function properly, it may need to be extracted. Contact our office today.


When Should a Tooth be Extracted?

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Although our goal is to preserve natural teeth whenever possible, dental extractions are necessary and even unavoidable in some cases. Our dentist in North Hollywood offers a variety of treatments designed to preserve and restore the natural tooth, but significant trauma, advanced decay, and certain treatment needs can necessitate the removal of the tooth to save the other teeth.

You might benefit from an extraction if you have:

• A tooth that has been too badly damaged to save
• A tooth with severe decay or cavities
• An impacted tooth
• A diseased or impacted wisdom teeth
• An infected tooth
• A tooth that is threatening the health of nearby teeth
• Teeth that have been loosened or damaged by periodontal disease

Some candidates for orthodontic treatment might also benefit from extractions if they have badly crowded teeth and a jaw that cannot be properly expanded.

In most cases, an extraction can be performed under local anesthesia. Today’s technology enables us to complete this procedure safely, effectively, and comfortably. We can discuss your restoration options at the time of your extraction. Call us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment with our expert in dental extraction in Hollywood.

Reasons a Tooth May Have to be Extracted

Two women hugging and smilingWhile the practice of dentistry generally focuses on the preservation of teeth, sometimes it is not possible to hang onto all of your teeth. To preserve your overall oral health, it may occasionally become necessary to pull a tooth. Here are reasons why a dental extraction may need to be performed.

• A severely damaged tooth: Sometimes a tooth is too severely injured or decayed to be restored. In these cases, the only option may be to pull the tooth.
• An infected tooth: While a root canal can often remove an infection, a tooth with a severe infection or a complex inner anatomy of canals can make a root canal extremely difficult to perform. If a root canal in such a tooth is not attempted or if one is attempted and fails, the tooth often needs to be pulled.
• Overcrowding: Sometimes a mouth is too full to safely accommodate all of the teeth. In these cases, a tooth often needs to be pulled to preserve the health of adjacent teeth.
• Periodontal disease: If periodontal (gum) disease has progressed to the point that teeth have become loose, it may become necessary to pull them.

No one wants to lose a tooth unless it is necessary. Our dentist in West Hollywood is highly experienced in evaluating the condition of teeth and assessing whether a tooth can remain in the mouth or needs to be pulled. Call our office to schedule a consultation.