Dental Implants and Tooth Loss

Dental implant

While it may seem that losing a tooth just creates a hole in your smile, there are actually several negative repercussions. Dental implants can both prevent and reverse these effects.

Effects of tooth loss

If even just one of your teeth is knocked-out or extracted, a process begins right away. A short time after, your adjacent teeth will begin to tilt and move into the now empty space, followed by the others in the arch. This will cause mild to very serious orthodontic issues. Furthermore, the jaw bone beneath this missing tooth is no longer being stimulated. This can lead to diminishing bone tissue, which can actually affect your facial structure.

It is in your best interest to replace a tooth as soon as possible after it is removed. The best option for replacement is a dental implant. These are comprised of titanium posts, attached abutments, and a crown to top it off. Dental implants are inserted into the jaw bone, and fully take the place of your missing tooth. This not only prevents orthodontic issues, but facial restructuring, as well. Like our normal teeth, implants fuse with the bone, and are therefore able to stimulate the tissue.

If you have a hole in your smile, our Beverly Hills dental implant expert will likely recommend this restoration to prevent or reverse the effects of tooth loss.