Purpose of Tooth Recontouring

Two women hugging and smiling

Tooth recontouring is a treatment that falls within the category of cosmetic dentistry. It is the reshaping and restructuring of one or more teeth. It is also referred to as ondoplasty, slandering, and stripping. You might be interested in this treatment if you would like to:

• Fix chips
• Smooth out bulges or pits in enamel
• Adjust slightly irregular shaped teeth caused by crowding or irregular growth
• Reshape the canines, which can be too pointed

Our Houston cosmetic dentist often performs this procedure in order to create more harmony and balance in the smile and face. Reshaping teeth that feature dips and pits is also a preventive treatment, as bacteria, plaque, and tartar can accumulate in these spaces.

Patients with teeth that have serious issues that affect their dental or oral health should be treated appropriately, as opposed to simply being recontoured. Though not a substitute for veneers or bonding, it is often used in combination.

The process begins with an exam with our expert in tooth recontouring in Houston, during which your candidacy is determined. A sanding disk or diamond bur is used to remove small bits of enamel. Sandpaper is sometimes used to reach the area in between teeth. The tooth or teeth are then polished.