Gum Disease and Its Treatment

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Our office treats many patients who have gum disease. Often, these patients did not know that they had the condition. This is because, in the beginning, the symptoms are subtle and can be passed off as a different issue.

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, presents itself in patients first with red and swollen gums. Often, patients with red and puffy gums have bleeding of the gum tissue around the teeth. This usually happens during brushing or flossing and many times it is mistaken for a by-product of excessive tooth brushing. Other early symptoms include loose teeth, a change in your bite pattern, or persistent bad breath.

The causes of gum disease are bacteria and plaque. When plaque has a chance to accumulate on your tooth’s surface, it eventually forms tarter which causes your gums to become inflamed. If this disorder is untreated, bacteria in the plaque will collect in pockets under the gum line, and infections can occur. The infections cause tooth loss because the bone supporting the tooth becomes weak because of the disease.

There are two kinds of remedies for gum disease, non-surgical and surgical. The treatment our periodontist in Van Nuys suggests for you will hinge on the progression of your gum disease as well as your general health.

NON-SURGICAL TREATMENTS- These treatments are most effective when used in the earliest stages of gum disease.

• Dental cleaning- While this is not a treatment for gum disease, it is the most effective way to prevent gum disease. A professional cleaning is a method to clear away plaque and tarter before you experience gum disease.

• Scaling and root planning- When you have scaling or root planning, you need a local anesthetic. During this treatment, our dentist will remove plaque and tartar above and below the gum line. Cleaning allows the root to reattach to a healthy surface.

SURGICAL TREATMENTS- These remedies vary in intricacy, but they are the best ways to eliminate more advanced cases of gum disease.

• Flap surgery- For this treatment, our dentist loosens and pulls back the gum, cleans all surfaces under it, and reattaches the gum.

• Bone grafts- Pieces of your healthy jaw bone are used to promote the regrowth of bone lost or damaged by gum disease.

• Bone surgery- This procedure frequently takes place after flap surgery. Our dentist redesigns the bone to remove any low points where bacteria propagate.

If you notice any indications of gum disease, call our office and make an appointment. When spotted in the initial stages, gum disease is treatable with minimal intervention.


Dental Care Tips after Root Canal


Advances in the industry have standardized root canal well past the old stigmas. Still, some people still associate root canal therapy with traumatic stress and unbearable pain. In a significant majority of cases, this doesn’t happen and patients experience effortless recovery. If you experienced pain before your procedure, that alone is the biggest indicator of postoperative pain. It’s very unlikely your procedure will induce new pain, and even if it does, this is no indication something went wrong.

You can expect some mild bleeding and swelling, so use the gauze the dentist gave you. You can control most of the discomfort with regular pain reliever, in recommended doses.

Any discomfort that arises after your root canal is probably related to the root itself. Sometimes a dentist will inadvertently nick a ligament with a tool, or the rubber dam used to cover the surrounding teeth will pinch the adjoining gum tissue. This tenderness or awkwardness should go away within a few hours. If not, our expert in root canal in Van Nuys recommends you use a saltwater rinse every three to four hours until relief is achieved.

Make sure you get plenty of rest, remember to hydrate, and don’t chew on the affected tooth until it’s comfortable to do so.

For more, contact your Van Nuys dentists.

What Crown Lengthening Can Do for Your Smile

Gummy smiles are usually genetic, but can also result from a bad dental history. Teeth that were root canaled are not always salvageable, and teeth that break off at the gumline are often neglected. Heavy smokers and hard drug users are notoriously gummy smilers.

Fortunately, crown lengthening can solve gummy smiles, both cosmetically and periodontally. Also known as a gum lift, crown lengthening is a local-anesthetic procedure that removes gum tissue and occasionally bone from a tooth that needs reconstruction, or several teeth that lack visibility.

Our expert in crown lengthening in Van Nuys performs crown lengthening on qualified candidates with healthy gums and sufficient bone density. As stated above, the strength of this procedure is its dual nature. If you have a cavity that needs a filling or if you need an implant after an extraction, crown lengthening prepares your teeth for a rebuild. If you just have small teeth and you feel self-conscious about them, crown lengthening prepares your teeth for viewing.

Ask your Van Nuys cosmetic dentist for more information about crown lengthening.

Encontrar Asequible Tratamiento Dental

En la economía actual, muchas personas están tratando de hacer sus dólares de salud van más lejos. Esto lleva a saltarse o retrasar la atención dental para algunos, pero su salud dental es mucho más que la apariencia de su sonrisa. La mala salud dental está fuertemente asociado con la mala salud general. Nuestro dentista barato en Van Nuys puede ayudar a obtener la atención asequible que necesita para mantener su sonrisa y su cuerpo en la pista.

Encontrar atención asequible puede ser mucho más fácil de lo que imaginaba. Nuestro equipo está comprometido a asegurar que nuestros pacientes tengan acceso a la atención dental necesaria. Entendemos que las finanzas juegan un papel en sus decisiones de tratamiento, y vamos a trabajar con usted para mantener el presupuesto de usar su cuidado. Opciones de pago flexibles y financiamiento asequible dos opciones. A menudo ofrecemos promociones especiales que pueden reducir drásticamente sus costos. Nuevas promociones de pacientes pueden incluir exámenes de menor costo y consultas mientras que los pacientes existentes pueden elegir entre servicios y tratamientos con descuentos.

Nuestro equipo está activo en la comunidad de voluntarios y se ha comprometido a nuestros pacientes. Creemos que todo el mundo debería tener la oportunidad de disfrutar de una sonrisa saludable. Llámenos hoy mismo para obtener más información o para programar una cita con nuestro equipo.

When You Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Full mouth reconstructions are quite common and are performed by our cosmetic dentist in Van Nuys regularly. This process, which can involve any number of restoration options, is performed for anyone that has lost a significant number of teeth or is simply unhappy with the appearance or function of their teeth.

Different treatments at the disposal of our dentist includes dental implants, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, bridges, dentures, bonding, and orthodontic work, among other things. The processes needed depend fully on the interests of the patient. Needing a full mouth reconstruction is both a personal preference and a matter of oral health and our dentist can help you achieve both aims.

At a consultation with our expert in full mouth reconstruction in Van Nuys, you will need to express all of your concerns about your mouth. The dentist will then create a treatment plan specifically for you, providing you with options wherever available ranging from the Cadillac to the Studebaker.

The first step will nearly always be to address any gum disease, if any is present, as virtually no work can be performed until it is eliminated. After which, a carefully designed treatment plan will be followed.

Contact our office in Van Nuys to learn more about the options available for a full-mouth reconstruction.

How Does Invisalign Straighten the Teeth?

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Invisalign uses proprietary technology to straighten the teeth using a pressure method while also maintaining esthetics of a natural smile. The clear plastic aligners with Invisalign are worn for at least 22 hours per day, and they are changed every two weeks. While the incremental movements will improve your teeth’s position, the Invisalign aligners are commonly known for their subtle and discreet treatment.

The secret to Invisalign is a push mechanism. The aligners are fitted especially for you, as the increments are determined ahead of time by your Van Nuys cosmetic dentist. If you wear the aligners as directed, your teeth are pushed into the desired position in a series of phases. Each new aligner set is a new phase, meaning your teeth will hit a new mark every two weeks. Typically the allotted movement is one-tenth of a millimeter per tray. The effect is cumulative, as each stage pushes from where the previous stage ended.

If you work closely with your doctor, then an overall improved smile is waiting for you at the end of treatment. All you have to do is put in your aligners as instructed, proceed in order through the phases, and use proper hygiene practices.

At the end of treatment, it is normal for patients to need one last set or two of refinement trays. This is strictly detail work, and it incurs no additional fee. Our expert in Invisalign in Van Nuys wants to make sure you get the smile you deserve using the Invisalign system.

How to Make Veneers Last Longer

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Dental veneers are thin, porcelain shells that are designed to cover the front surface of damaged or undesirable teeth. Indeed, veneers have become a popular choice for those patients looking to undergo a smile makeover. Most veneers tend to last around 10 years, but some reports indicate that they may last up to 15 years with exceptional care. Our expert in veneers in Van Nuys has a few tips for making sure that your veneers will last as long as possible.

It is most important to keep good dental hygiene habits or to start practicing good dental hygiene after getting veneers. Brush and floss your teeth daily, and make sure to go to the dentist at least twice a year for regular checkups. If you play sports, our Van Nuys cosmetic dentist strongly recommends that you wear a mouthguard while active. If you suffer from bruxism, the grinding of the teeth while asleep, make sure to wear a mouthguard for this condition, as well.

There are many substances that may not stain the veneers, but they can stain the natural teeth underneath them and create a multi-color appearance of the teeth if you are not careful. Some of these substances are tobacco products, red wine, colas, coffee, tea, and berries. Patients should be careful of any foods and beverages containing a strong dye, also. Take caution with hard foods, as well, such as nuts and candy. Furthermore, do not chew on your fingernails or on non-edible items like pen caps. Using a combination of common sense and good oral hygiene will result in you getting the most out of your veneers.